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Hawaiian Vinegar Company

Salted Lemon Thirst Buster Shrub

Salted Lemon Thirst Buster Shrub

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Experience the harmonious blend of Haleiwa Salt Co.'s premium Hawaiian sea salt and the zesty tang of Meyer lemons sourced from Lokoea Farms, meticulously crafted to create a refreshing and hydrating shrub. Brimming with essential trace minerals extracted from the pristine Hawaiian sea, our shrub not only quenches your thirst but also invigorates your body with every sip. Whether you prefer a mocktail or cocktail, our exceptional shrub serves as a versatile mixer, enhancing your drink with its unique flavor profile and wholesome benefits. Savor the taste of the Hawaiian Islands with every sip of our thirst-busting shrub and treat yourself to a delightful and healthful drinking experience.

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